Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Fashion Fiesta......

I was out and about reading this afternoon when I stumbled upon Big Momma and her Fashion Fiesta!!!

Ok so here is the Low Down on me participating. Our Secret... No one go and do anything silly like post this on the Internet.. Their will be no pics in my blog of the beautiful clothes that surround my life.. because shhhhhh I am at WORK!!!

With that off my chest, Lets move on!

My Closet.. umm well it is in need of the Red Cross Disaster Relief Team, because I swear a tornado or some other natural disaster hit one day when I was at work! It is terrible, the clothes were slung all over the floor, random earrings covering the ground, and shoes.. well it is just so sad I really don't like to talk about it much!

Lets Start with Things I can't live without:
  1. Seven Jeans.. What did I do before I had these?
  2. My Jessica Simpson Red Leather Flats....
  3. My New Green Kate Spade Purse (Thanks Hubby)
  4. My Yellow Cropped Jacket

but seriously.... my "PiNk" sweatpants, t-shirt collection and RaInBoW's... again what did I do before!

Baby Bangs mentioned Forever 21.... oh yes the tops and jeans are working again my life this summer.. it is so fun to see how many different combos you can get out of them.. and don't you love the price! And I have to agree with her on the jean issue... The quality of these jeans far out weighs the price. I have had one pair for 4 years and they still feel sooo good...

If anyone is making donations to the "Red Cross Cleans up Tiffany's Closet" please make all checks payable to Ann Taylor Loft or mail anything from here or here (Love the Dress) to my home address!

Many Thanks to Big Momma for a fun Idea!!

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Eva said...

Just wanted to say: Beautiful, beautiful website and clothing!