Friday, April 18, 2008

NeW BaBy ItEms On WeBsiTe.....

I have posted new baby items on the site!!

So Hurry go and check them out!!!

This Mei Tai Carrier is wonderful, wish I would of known about the joys of sewing when my wee man was still able to sit still long enough to be strapped to me! Ohh no don't get me wrong the carrier would still hold him, even though he is 27LBS, he just wouldn't end up attached to me, it would be more like I was attached to him! And since being dragged behind a 2 year old really isn't the look I would be going for, I better just leave him be!!!


SewSensible said...

Tiffany!!!!! Oh, I wish I would have had one of these custom creations when mine were that small!! Makes me want another one.....LOL ok, maybe I am going a little too far!! But I was thinking that this would be great for little girls and their baby dolls too! I know my daughters love to play Mommy and they saw me carry Elijah around in his bjorn and I know they would REALLY use one of these for their play time!! Love it!!!!!

bLaSk said...

Aimee, I love that idea... I am gonna work on this one!!! ohh I am so excited!!
Thanks a WHole bunch!!

varenia said...

that mei tei carrier is great! i'm going to check out your site!

Mona said...

Oh that carrier is too cute. Ya think you can make one for a 60 pound little boy that still likes to be carried.. haha!

Love ya!