Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Survived Spring Break with 5 Kids!

I feel the need to make a t-shirt! It would be an HONOR to wear one!! haha!
So I had this week of fun I was going to tell you all about, but I should of known better than to prepare you all for a wonderful Happy Story... well at least it will make you Giggle!!!

These are the REAL "DAYS OF OUR LIVES"

Wednesday went great! I found this F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Sewing and Craft Store in Columbia, so I was in HUGE Hurry to get there! My mom and I loaded up all the kids and took off! We spent hours there! My kids were screaming and chasing each other all over the store.....but I just ignored them (hahaha, but seriously) and kept on in my fabric wonder land! It was amazing and the women in the shop were super friendly, and of course said my kids weren't bothering anyone (they lied so I would keep piling my fabric up, its ok I am very aware!)

Thursday, this is were it all begins... "pay attention" (Layton says this in his little baby voice sooo cute)! We headed out for the Zoo! Above is the picture of Layton getting ready (I shouldn't been more worried that he was putting on my stuff, but I just thought it was cute, he was doing what I do, well) We were all excited to get there (again) and I drove us up EARLY in the AM so that we wouldn't get stuck in ANY RAIN... umm! We got out of the car and I about FROZE! The wind was terrible and where was the "It's going to be a NICE day to be outside" weather the always truthful Weather Man Promised! We got inside and found a wonderful

STARBUCKS COFFEE STAND.... Alright! I screamed out, this is my kinda Zoo!

So we drank and walked and drank and walked and pee'd and walked and drank and walked! A whole lot more walking than I remembered, but the last time I had been I was the one skipping around, NOT the one holding the camera, screaming for everyone to stay together, begging the man to put the 5 kids with me in the cage I promised I'd be back, or pushing the stroller, feeding the hungry, etc....

But all kidding aside we did have a wonderful COLD morning together at the Zoo! I got the biggest kick out of these Goats! They were so funny! They would jump up on the fence if you would even walk near the feeding machine! We laughed and screamed (one sneezed on Stephi and we all screamed, I thought he was going to bite her! Then we laughed when she yelled out "Ewe it is all over my face"!

and Of course we saw the Fishies and had a great time gawking at them.....

Then my favorite.... Layton yelled "Thems BiG BiG DoGs"
So What is so bad you might ask yourself...

This little booger can't be up to anything!!! Look how sweet and innocent his face is!! He would NEVER do anything to bring his mother to tears... especially not on Spring Break, when she took off work to be with him and his precious self!!

Well what you can't see in this pic is:

  1. He was suppose to be napping in his portable crib, when he found his daddy's shaving bag and decided to take a HUGE chunk of skin off his finger. When I went to get him up from his nap he was COVERED with blood! I freaked out and screamed, making my mother scream, which in turn lead to a very nervous father.... all for a "little" scratch my hubby said!

  2. He also decided that he didn't get everything out of the car and reached back in when the automatic door was closing and before I could do anything (yep you've guessed the very painful sentence that is next) His little thumb (on the opposite hand from the "scratch") got caught in the door! If you have never experienced this, I hope you never do! I was scared out of my mind, but the doctor checked it yesterday and he is alright the swelling shouldn't last more than another week!

  3. His brothers and sisters popped the ball that is on his head, so he thought that it would be cute to suck the last of the air out and stick it on his head. It's ok, so Poison Control says!

  4. Sunday we celebrated his birthday at my grandmothers house and while he was trying to stop everyone from enjoying his cake with him, he fell out of the chair and straight onto the Floor....

That is when I said, it's ok, we're leaving!

We did overall have a great time, and I did get to spend a lot of time with my grandmother!!

Yes this is where I get all my beauty from......


SewSensible said...

Yep!! sounds like one of our family trips!!!!! Crazy, wild!! and wouldn't change a thing.....well, if I had an on off button to make them stop whining then I would take that!

Your grandmother is beautiful!

bLaSk said...

Aimee, you are right, I wouldn't change a minute of it.. ok maybe I might give myself at least 10 minutes in the A.M. without a fight...ha!
Maybe she should work together on the on/off button! I think we have enough experience to qualify us for the job!

bLaSk said...

Oh and Thanks for the Sweet Comments on my Grandmother.. Can you believe she is almost 71!

Eupemia said...

Well said.