Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break

So I am taking spring break off to spend with my kiddies...

We have wonderful plans in South Carolina of the zoo, fun zone, the state museums, skating, and of course marketing! I am so excited to have several days off to enjoy the kids, they are just all growing up too fast! I love the fact that we will also be in town with family so that we can visit and stay awhile for a change. I also love the fact that my parents will be around so that the hubby and I can get out and about town without the kids! That is one of my most favorite things about going home!

While in SC I plan to visit the local boutiques in the area and meet with more potential buyers. It is exciting to see more of a light at the end of a tunnel! I have been welcomed so much by my hometown and well state that I love the chance to get out and do more! I have just found a HUGH Fabric and Quilt store minutes away from my mom's house and since I will be there without the hubby for a few days, I thought I might be able to bribe the kids with a trip to Fun Zone if they could stand the Fabric Delight! Ohhh I pray it will be a good day..hahaha!

So I wanted to also give a quick WoooWhooooo to a Wonderful Designer and Friend, Aimee of SewSensible. First, she is amazing with her pattern designs! Second, She has always pumped me up when I doubt myself! Her sweet comments and thoughtfulness is always very much appreciated and always at just the right time! I love to read her blog ! I love to read the stories about her "Team" of a family and about her upcoming designs! She is an amazing women and we all are blessed to have her around the sewing world!

Ok, I have also used Aimee's pattern Faith Double Layer Top to create the new items listed on the website! Please do go and check them out. I have the new English Garden Collection featured as well, I hope that you will enjoy!

I will get you posted on the outcome of the fabric store when I return, and no I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, my dad still hasn't got the Internet hooked up at his house so I will be "out of Space" until I return!!!

Big Hugs and Smiles,

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