Monday, March 10, 2008

Website Up and Running

Ok it is finally ready!!
The website has it's final ok, and although I am still posting items by the minute, I am ready to say "MOVE THAT MOUSE" (play off Move that Bus :)) over to
and check it out!! Buy something or three, or sign the guest book!!
Ohhh and if you have a link to your site you would like me to share, please please send it,
I can't finish this entry without giving a BIG WHOOOHOOOO to Pappashop! They are amazing. The first go round with an website company (you know it starts with g and has an o ends with daddy) left me a little (or a LOT) scared!!! Pappashop does it all- Their customer service is amazing and they even humored my scared-e-cat questions! I must say I have never felt so comfortable with a web host before in my life! They truly set up everything, and then they have their idiot proof (yep, I can use it!) way of formatting your pages and your items......
ohh between PappaShop and Youcanmakethis and Fabric and Candy, and...... I am set for life..hahahah!!
but seriously, a BIG THANK YOU to PappaShop!
If you don't have your website yet, please check them out!

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Kim said...

I'm very excited for you! You did it, congrats!