Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring is in the Air...

Ok not really, but it is getting close, and I am getting ready to release the new 08' Spring Line for bLaSk!

Here is a "sneak peak"! I am so excited about these outfits that I couldn't even wait until daylight to make good pictures, I got Bebop out of the bed, dressed her in a still half sleep state, and well made fun of her until she smiled. The backdrop is of the chalkboard in the playroom, another mess that I have been too busy to tackle, but hey that is why it is called a playroom, right?

Ok enough with the ramble....

Here it is... and of course I want to know what you think, and if all goes well I hope to have this line finished and listed in my Etsy store this weekend.

I have sold four preview outfits already this week!!!!

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