Friday, October 19, 2007

My Great Grandma Lucy

Grandma Lucy
Grandma Lucy,
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My family reunion is this Saturday, and I really wanted to make it special for my girls and to make my Grandmother Smile! At the reunion we sit around and talk about "the good ole days", which in turn makes my Grandmother upset because of the loss of all of the loved ones we are remembering!
I found this wonderful fabric at SawMamaSew, of Paper Dolls! My Great Grandmother Lucy would sit around and cut out these paper dolls for my cousins and I when we would visit. We would then color the outfits for the dolls and hang the garlands all over the old mill house.
I am so excited to drive up and have my three little princesses hop out the car in the outfits that I made in honor of my Great Grandmother. Yes, there will be tears, but tears of joy! I can't wait for my Grandmother to see the outfits made to honor her mother.
The house where the reunion is held is owned by my Great Aunt Patsy, it is the house where my Great Grandmother was born!! Oh what a day, I am so excited!
I am going to make some little token of a gift out of the fabric for my Grandmother, my Aunt Patsy, my Mom, and my moms sister~
I will post pictures on Sunday of the girls in the dresses!! YEAH!

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Angel said...

Thanks for your post to my blog! I just had to tell you that your 3 girls all dressed up in the outfits you made look adorable. I love those fabrics and how you designed them to "coordinate" not match. That's how I like to dress my twins. :)